Walking in Nature

vicky under tree smallOne of the simple pleasures in my life is walking. Its a wonderful tonic for my body, mind and soul and its free!

Walking in a natural quiet place is very soothing and healing to my soul – it is like meditation.  Time to be with myself, to listen to myself, to love myself.  Time to relax and just be.

The fresh air rejuvenates my body, and the sunlight ( when there is some!), gives me an extra lift.  Its a special time for me to sit, stop, think, feel, reflect, let go, remember my true self and remember that I am truly a special child of God and really everything is ok……

Walking takes me away from my every day world – work, my house, my life, and enables me to see things in a different perspective.  There’s nothing I have to do except walk and enjoy myself and the scenes around me and it helps me think more clearly.

I notice that the rivers, hills, the ocean, forests all have a special qualities. I spend time appreciating these qualities; they are my qualities too.  I can sense the stillness and stability of the earth, the vastness and unlimitedness of the sky, the strength and beauty of the trees…I feel more connected to myself and all of nature and life.

Birds fly by innocently, flowers bloom with newness and enthusiasm, all works in their own natural ways and rhythms, and I, the soul, the eternal being am a part of it all. I see the drama of life unfolding, changing, rearranging, life, death.  Day turns to night, night turns to day, its an eternal cycle which I am eternally apart of.

So why not treat yourself today, or this week, and go out to a special quiet place in nature and feel a greater connection to your true and beautiful self and to all that is….  YOU DESERVE IT!

About the Author


has been practising meditation with the BKWSU for 8 years and has been a part of the team at GRC for 5 years. She is a gifted Nia Green Belt Instructor who facilitates various sessions on the retreats. She teaches movement, creativity & relaxation to children and adults in the local community & beyond. She also loves singing and nature.

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