The JOY of Movement with Vicky

nIA v2I feel very fortunate to have GRC to go to whenever I choose.  I especially love the grounds. They are a haven for me to heal   and to get more in touch with myself.  They are so clean, and safe and I feel I really can be all by myself in the company of the beauty and power of the natural world.  Nature reminds me of my eternity.

When I’m outside, I love to walk and to also practise a wonderful movement technique called Nia which is a joyous gentle mix of dance, martial and healing arts.


The 1st energising warm-up exercise which I would like to share with you is simple and can be used anywhere, at anytime, for as little or as long as you choose.  It can be practised with or without music.

13 JOINT EXERCISE – To A­ctivate the flow of energy in your whole body.

Stand up or sit down (if it makes it easier to move a joint freely and fully).

Begin by moving Joint 1, your left ankle and don’t think about how to move it, just move it. Seek pleasure & joy as you move this joint and notice how moving one joint activates the flow of energy.

Now move Joint 2, your left knee, then move your left hip, Joint 3, and continue moving your joints (in the order listed in the chart) until you sense the activation of energy moving in all 13 joints.  Sense the energy moving in your whole body.  Notice if you have more awareness of your body in space, more comfort, more pleasure.

OTHER CREATIVE POSSIBILTIES – Move 2/3/4 joints together, at various speeds, move in different directions, go up high & down low, pick a virtue and move with that (peace/love/power/freedom/appreciation)…  but mostly PLAY, EXPLORE & ENJOY!

About the Author


has been practising meditation with the BKWSU for 8 years and has been a part of the team at GRC for 5 years. She is a gifted Nia Green Belt Instructor who facilitates various sessions on the retreats. She teaches movement, creativity & relaxation to children and adults in the local community & beyond. She also loves singing and nature.

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