The 7AHA!s Of Highly Enlightened Souls

7ahasFor anyone who has read Mike’s books before, they will know that he doesn’t beat around the bush. He comes straight to the point – mainly that all of our thoughts are there by choice  – and challenges us to take full responsibility for these thoughts and the feelings that arise from them, instead of blaming other people and situations.

If I can accept that my thoughts that are dodgy, dismissive and derisive, whatever anyone else is doing to provoke them, great.  That’s the first step to BIG change.  Mike then proceeds to give clear steps as to how to get enough understanding and will power to turn those thoughts around, into delightful, determined and lovingly detached ones instead.

And so one sunny afternoon, many years ago, I found myself in a beautiful garden,  deep in East Sussex, the air warm, still and quiet, insects buzzing around me, and sat there for three hours with this book hot off the press,  while I gobbled up these potentially harsh realities about myself.

But, importantly, I was in the mood for change. I was dying to change.  I wanted to spot my disempowering thoughts that were creating disempowering feelings. I wanted to change.  And so, instead of feeling heavy with it all, I felt relieved, liberated and lightened because I knew what to do next! There was hope.

So if you are in the mood for change this summer,  take the challenge.  Swallow your pride and take this little book to a warm, quiet spot in the gardens of GRC and read all about why you are stuck, why it’s important to get unstuck and insights to help you stay unstuck.

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a meditator of 15 years, enjoys exploring practical ways of staying peaceful in our busy world. An ex-resident of GRC, Sarah currently lives in Newcastle where she is a primary school teacher. Sarah facilitates meditation workshops for children and young people and co-ordinates BKWSU activities with the Deaf Community. She loves visiting GRC whenever she can.

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