• Al

  • Anna

    has been studying and teaching Raja Yoga meditation for over 20 years. Anna a nurse by profession and former co-ordinator of Brahma Kumaris, Zurich is now based at the Global Retreat Centre, where she is one of the main chefs.

  • Bert

    is originally from Holland and has a background in finance. Since the last 7 years, he has dedicated his time to helping at the global retreat centre while commuting to Holland almost every week to visit his son. Bert considers himself a student of Rajayoga with lots more to learn - he conducts meditation sessions through commentaries as well as helps out with the garden.

  • Doug

    who has a background in Agricultural Research has been based at the Global Retreat Centre since its inception in 1993. As well as managing the 55 acrres of garden he also plays a key role in building management. Alongside this, Doug runs Values Development, Positive Thinking and Enlightened Leadership seminars for professional and community groups around the UK and abroad. Since 1996 he has, in particular, been involved in the university’s outreach work in prisons, running courses for prisoners and contributing to seminars and educational programmes for Prison Service personnel.

  • Gaby

    is both a student support worker and a coordinator of the Oxford Inner Space meditation centre. She began her spiritual journey in South Africa and has a special interest to help other young people to integrate spiritual perspectives into their lives. Gaby values creativity and open-mindedness and has a capacity to understand and convey the complexity of the human spirit.

  • Gudrun

    has been a resident at the Global Retreat Centre since 1994 and is a meditation teacher with over 20 years of experience. She co-shares responsibility for the 55 acres of garden. Trained as a medical technician with a particular interest in microbiology, Gudrun is also a talented florist creating all the floral displays around the house.

  • Manda

    is Director of the Global Retreat Centre which hosts over 10,000 guests a year. She has been studying Raja Yoga meditation for almost 30 years and has a rare talent for spiritual pragmatism: The translation of simple but ancient truths into every day life.

  • Matthew

    is a practised facilitator and meditator with almost 25 years of experience. He runs creative workshops on personal development and values across the UK. Matthew’s diverse range of careers, which include catering for royalty, farming, managing a busy service department and teaching hatha yoga, provides him with a myriad of skills.

  • Melanie Bain

    Melanie Bain, creates a space of safety and freedom in which to tap into one’s own beauty and potential, she integrates this with a depth of wisdom and humour, making her approachable and accessible. Her ability to think outside the box brings a fresh perspective to spiritual truths and their practical relevance in everyday living. Mel has worked in the criminal justice system, healthcare sector and currently works alongside Social Care with young people and their families.

  • Myra

  • Neville

    – journalist, author and former science and medical correspondent of the Sunday Times – has acquired a tremendous breadth of experience relating to modern-day challenges of health and well-being at all levels. Neville has been studying and teaching Raja Yoga with the Brahma Kumaris for almost 30 years. He is a much sought after, gifted and experienced public speaker with a warm personality, able to connect with people of all ages.

  • Peter

    is a resident of the global retreat centre for the last four years and is a practitioner of Rajayoga meditation since fifteen years. Peter is a jack of all trades lending his hand to most tasks at GRC. While he initially came in as a gardener, he has since helped out almost everywhere such as with the washing up and cooking. He is especially well renowned for his lentil paste and black eyed peas!

  • Regina

    Originally from Germany, Regina’s background is in biochemistry and environmental science. She has played key roles in several Brahma Kumaris centres around the world and is now based at the Global Retreat Centre. She has been studying and teaching Raja Yoga meditation for over 20 years.

  • Sarah

    a meditator of 15 years, enjoys exploring practical ways of staying peaceful in our busy world. An ex-resident of GRC, Sarah currently lives in Newcastle where she is a primary school teacher. Sarah facilitates meditation workshops for children and young people and co-ordinates BKWSU activities with the Deaf Community. She loves visiting GRC whenever she can.

  • Sarika

    has been a student of Rajayoga since the last four years. She works as a Sr. Marketing Manager for a multinational software corporation and enjoys writing.

  • Stuart

    is Edinburgh born and worked as a business consultant and trainer until March 2005 when he suffered a massive stroke which initially left him completely paralysed and speechless - what is called 'locked in syndrome'. He refused to succumb. Over time, he regained limited control over his right hand and arm and in 2008 he began writing his biography, 'A Most Curious Detour' motivated to help others like him. The book was published in 2010. Applying his life's learning to his situation, Stuart continues to make a slow, laborious recovery.

  • Vicky

    has been practising meditation with the BKWSU for 8 years and has been a part of the team at GRC for 5 years. She is a gifted Nia Green Belt Instructor who facilitates various sessions on the retreats. She teaches movement, creativity & relaxation to children and adults in the local community & beyond. She also loves singing and nature.

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