Soul Power

Soul Power Book‘Soul Power’ is not another ‘do it yourself spiritual manual’ but a personal account of Nikki De Carteret’s own journey. This book is a real asset for anyone wanting to bring real change in their life at any level.

Nikki relates her story with cleanliness, courage and honesty. Read slowly one can glean something from nearly every page as she reveals the highs, the lows and the obstacles she experiences. Taking on the great demon ‘the ego’ she learns how to handle this great enemy and then how to be kind and easy with the self. Further on she learns and experiences that there’s nothing to be afraid of….its all a game.

The book is full of rich quotes and experiences of the great saints and spiritual seekers through time. Along with these she offers some practical exercises to help one along their journey.

This is a real empowering gem of a book!

About the Author


is a resident of the global retreat centre for the last four years and is a practitioner of Rajayoga meditation since fifteen years. Peter is a jack of all trades lending his hand to most tasks at GRC. While he initially came in as a gardener, he has since helped out almost everywhere such as with the washing up and cooking. He is especially well renowned for his lentil paste and black eyed peas!

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