Reaching my Potential

seamless-love-120613-1936-smallI do believe that I have a purpose to attain my full potential, and that’s why I’m on this spiritual path- to realize and become the best that I can be, full and free, happy and at peace, the master of my heart and mind. I believe that is my highest potential.

To get there, I need to let go of all that I have been and believed and thought for so long. Our habits and ways of being are so deeply ingrained. Something I need to keep reminding myself of so I don’t get disheartened as I encounter the many ups and downs along this journey. Sometimes it feels as if I’m smooth sailing and I’m really enjoying the ride and everything is wonderful. Other times it seems as if there’s boulders and obstacles around every corner and everything seems so hard. There are times when I wonder if I’m actually on the path at all and what it’s all about! And then a lot of the time I’m just hanging on for dear life, trying to not fall off!!! Sound familiar?

Each of us has a potential and NOW is the time to make it a reality. When you look around, it is clear that the world needs to become a better place again. As we change, the world will change.

Can you clearly see and feel what your potential could be for you? Does it excite and enthuse you to keep marching toward it? I am determined to keep working on this with God as my companion and patience and faith in myself. I know I can and will become that.

But first and foremost, I need to accept myself and rather than fall into the old habits of berating and criticising myself when I fumble, I need to keep encouraging and supporting myself to get up, let go, forgive, forget and move on. I need to learn to start again and not look back. There’s no point dwelling on my shortcomings and failures. Yes, it’s good to be aware of what they are, but I really need to focus on thoughts, feelings and actions that will empower me. This is how I will progress. This is how I will reach my potential. In each and every moment I must be my own best friend and lift myself up, dust myself off and keep moving on the path.

Also, I need to be aware that everyone is different with different capabilities and capacities and that each one of us is on our own unique journey. This saves me from comparing my journey with others. I need to value myself and my journey and know that the more I focus on what’s best for me (in thoughts, words, actions), the more I will come closer to my perfection.

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has been practising meditation with the BKWSU for 8 years and has been a part of the team at GRC for 5 years. She is a gifted Nia Green Belt Instructor who facilitates various sessions on the retreats. She teaches movement, creativity & relaxation to children and adults in the local community & beyond. She also loves singing and nature.

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