Just a Moment

just a momentI love this little book because it’s really simple and anyone can read it. I love it’s symmetrical square shape and the lovely blues on the cover.  It’s quite old now and was put together from excerpts of Garfield King’s Barbados radio programme Just A Moment.  I like to imagine him sitting peacefully in the shade, watching everyday life happen around him, while making sense of it all. I know for myself the insights that can often emerge from these quiet moments – if we can allow them for ourselves – so reading this book of insights is a reminder to adopt this ‘watching life’, as a good habit.

Each page is its own little chapter, with gorgeous observations about the ups and downs we meet each day and thought provoking solutions that are possible from a spiritual perspective. This is the book I buy as a gift for my family, friends and colleagues as it’s also very reasonably priced, which is useful!  It fits into a small space so it is easy to carry and easy to read, not too overpowering in its content, but deep enough to inspire.

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a meditator of 15 years, enjoys exploring practical ways of staying peaceful in our busy world. An ex-resident of GRC, Sarah currently lives in Newcastle where she is a primary school teacher. Sarah facilitates meditation workshops for children and young people and co-ordinates BKWSU activities with the Deaf Community. She loves visiting GRC whenever she can.

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