Dancing Cheek to Cheek

Do you have days when you feel like you are a mere spectator of this ‘drama’ of life? Does it feel like you have no control over the going-ons and that nothing you take on ever turns out the way you want it to?  No one seems to really get what you are trying to say or do, situations seem to drain every last bit of energy out of you.

Through the practice of Rajayoga meditation, I am learning to fill myself with strength to take on life by its horns. It helps me remove myself from the consciousness of being a victim of people and circumstances and instead empowers me to create my own drama, directing each scene to be beautiful, just the way I want it. I become someone who refuses to be taken by surprise by every little thing said or done, I don’t blame or react to situations anymore but instead understand the underlying motivations, and exert a positive influence accordingly.  I become a creator and take charge.

One of the beautiful analogies Rajayoga teaches is to look at my interactions with others as a dance!  While it is entertaining to watch a solo performance, it is often more interesting to watch a couple dancing in step with eaDancing-Couple1ch other. And if you think of it, the legendary dancers are not necessarily those who were individually the greatest but rather those that possessed the ability to dance well with another, who were able to identify the strengths of their partner, and use those strengths in their performances together.  They were so good that even if the partner were to dance a misstep, they responded in such a way that it looked like it was part of the performance! In other words, the best always made the one they danced with look good, feel special.  They made those watching long to dance with them too, because it looked so easy and beautiful.  They created magic!  They didn’t wait for it to happen, they didn’t wait for everyone to become perfect, for the stars to align, but instead they took charge, and created the performance.

When I look closely, I realize that all they really did was simply rise above the limited desire to prove their individual greatness.  Instead, they looked beyond the ‘I’ and put others before them.

As I connect with God during my meditation, I realize that this is also what He does. In fact, there isn’t a greater dancer than Him.  He dances with millions of souls in any given second.  Each one of us has a different style, different strengths and weaknesses but He is able to make every one of us feel special, as if there is none other He would rather dance with.  He makes each one feel beautiful and complete when we are with Him.  He understands each one so well that He is able to respond, to give. He does not question or remark at someone’s shortcomings, He does not cut someone off or dismiss someone as beneath Him but instead treats each one with the utmost respect and regard, no matter what.  And by being coloured in His Company, I feel inspired to become like Him, to be able to dance like Him without Him even having to say the words.  He thus creates the most beautiful moments by simply giving, by inspiring through His nature.

And so when it feels like no one understands me or that nothing is going as it should, I have the option to take charge and make it right rather than let it bog me down.  Instead of viewing others as obstacles to the task, I learn to acknowledge the differences in our personalities and trust in the innate truth that there are specialties in each one of us.  Situations are no different – while they may seem adverse on the surface, they come to teach us important lessons and to make us stronger.  It is this firm faith and acceptance that enables me to look beyond the obvious, recognize the qualities each one brings, stay open to learn the lessons I am being taught and use them to make every scene of my life beautiful.

Just like the dance where I don’t let a misstep get in the way of us creating magic together, similarly, I no longer expect nor wait for people or situations to change but am instead focused on making myself such a skilled dancer that I am able to compensate for any ‘missteps in the performance’.  I take responsibility and transform the course of events to be beneficial to all involved.

As it turns out, this dancing continues till the very end.  With the world as my stage, I am constantly dancing with different people whether at home, at school or at work.  I could let it wear me down by trying to dance the most difficult steps that no one else can match and wonder why ‘no one gets it’; or I could have fun putting on the most inspirational performance one has ever seen by simply dancing cheek to cheek.

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has been a student of Rajayoga since the last four years. She works as a Sr. Marketing Manager for a multinational software corporation and enjoys writing.

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