Cashew and Pista Hearts

anna's heart-shaped toli sweets


1kg roasted and grinded Pistachio Nuts

1 teaspoon Cardamom Powder

approx. ¼ kg liquid Honey


Use plastic gloves to (prevents sticking the honey mix to your fingers)

Mix everything together

-Roll out between slightly oiled cling film to the thickness of your choice

(it should just about stick together… add honey if too dry and nuts if too sticky!)


1 kg roasted and grinded Cashew Nuts

100 gr. Roasted Sesame Seeds

¼ kg liquid Honey

200gr. Red Glassy Cherries cut in small pieces


Mix all dry ingredients

Add Honey accordingly…( it should hold together but not stick too much)

Roll it out between 2 cling films into the same size as the Pistachio mix


Remove Cling Film from Pistachio- and Cashew mix and put on top of each other

Roll to stick both together

Cut out hearts or any form you like (oil the cookie-cutter slightly and wash and dry it after about 3-4 hearts…as cutter will become too sticky)

Will make about 70 hearts (depending on size of cutter you use)


Good Luck!

About the Author


has been studying and teaching Raja Yoga meditation for over 20 years. Anna a nurse by profession and former co-ordinator of Brahma Kumaris, Zurich is now based at the Global Retreat Centre, where she is one of the main chefs.

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